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About the
Tiny Pub

Richard Emerson

At Emerson’s not only do we want to give New Zealand a better style of beer, we also want to give the nation a better style of drinking. That’s why we’ve created the Tiny Pub – your beery hideaway with everything you need to enjoy the perfect pint, and nothing more. No disco balls, no fusion dining, no jumbotrons, just the time and space to enjoy a brew with good company. The pub can be found around the country on seasonal tours, so be sure to check back for dates and places.

The Tiny Pub tour

Don’t move, we’ll bring the pub to you. Click the green pint glasses on the map to see session dates and times available near you.

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The Tiny Pub experience

The Tiny Pub has been designed to give what Emerson’s consider the perfect beer-drinking experience. It can be booked for groups of two at a time, for your own 27 minute session. Why 27 minutes? Because we figure that’s about the perfect time to enjoy a pint or two, while you sit back and soak in a whole lot of nothing much in your own private bar. Of course if you do need some stimulus you can enjoy the tiny piano, mini dart board or maybe even catch up on all the latest news tidbits in the Tiny Pub Gazette.

Check out what it was like when two long lost mates were reunited in The Tiny Pub, below.